This is going to be about the full details of the day-to-day world of Rainger FX. I’m not going to hold back from the technical stuff, and bravely reveal how little I know about electronics.

If you want, do give advice, or just feedback as to how great or totally awesomely incredible the ideas mentioned are; I’m trying to develop new sounds, so I guess a percentage of them are going to be less than impressive – even if I get them working.

So. I’m currently working on developing small, cheap ideas, plus I’m steadily churning out the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DrFF-3 ( ), plus some Compactotrons ( ), and occasional El Distortos ( ).

Dr Freakenstein developments

With the Dr Freakenstein, it’s at an interesting stage; got a box full of enclosures – drilled, painted, ready to go – and a stack of printed PCBs, ready to have all the components installed – by me… It’s a slog, but very enjoyable as the end result is such a beautiful thing…

I had a nice realisation yesterday – the ‘hi/lo’ button I’ve added is truly great. It not only raises and lowers the intensity of the overtone, but it also – on ‘lo’ and when using the neck pickup on the guitar – introduces a low octave! With the Igor foot controller controlling the LFO bias, you can also get some great organ-like tones out of it. I’ve got to record an audioclip for it over the next few days, and I’ve got about 6 different sounds I’ve got to include.