I took the DrFF-3 down to Macari’s on Charing Cross Rd in London, and got a great response from manager Anthony there. He’s checking the vibe at http://stompboxes.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10015 which seems to be going well.

Macari’s are such a cool shop to be associated with; birthplace of the legendary Sola Sound and Colorsound pedals – I totally love my Tonebender – and really an independent (unlike alot of Denmark St shops), stocking different gear to everyone else. Have to see how it goes – but I’m quite hopeful.


While building the current units, I’m also trying to develop new pedals (more spinning plates). I’m wondering about venturing into tap tempo stuff, and ordered a chip (from www.moltenvoltage.com ) which will hopefully do this. I’m thinking of using it for my ‘triggered drop’ circuit – which currently just needs a regular trigger from a discharging capacitor to create the pulse to make the effect.

It’ll be incredibly neat if it does the job, and for under 100 quid…