Of course one of the new pedal ideas has got to be a distortion. I mean guitarists like these alot… I’ve got 14 or 15 I think. But I could really do with another – one that does something new, a bit different.

A while ago a ‘descant’ effect was suggested to me. It creates a tone one and a half octaves above the original note – that’s a fifth and an octave above. Fifths are quite neat; strong-sounding and fairly ubiquitous, and a quiet high fifth tucked away above the original note just before it slams into some ferocious overdrive circuit, might sound quite big. Might sound like burbling nonsense when you play a chord into it, but it’s worth a try.

So I’ve got the beginning circuit on the test bed.

But all that comes out is the input – with a squared-off waveform. I can tell this, by the way, not only through how it sounds, but also by looking at the waveform on my new handheld oscilloscope!

I tweaked further – with no improvement, and decided to leave it for today – and make some Igors.