When I first started making stompboxes for other people, I was building all kinds of mad pedals that required a ton of fiddly, time-consuming work. I just thought, ‘if someone actually wants them I’ll be so delighted that I won’t mind the work that goes into them’.

Well it turns out that people do actually want them; they’re priced unrealistically for how long they take – amazing bargains. Meanwhile though I’ve honed down the production process for new models, making them quicker and easier to produce, and with a higher work-first-time percentage. And as they’re quicker to make, they’re cheaper – and more popular.

But people still order the other older ones. At the moment I’m making several of them, and one or two of them are acting strangely, and it is a massive pain to sort out. They’re quite complicated (it’s good to stretch your ability), but… right now I am really going through it, trying to get everything right.

It is hard work.

So, maybe in future I’ll price them so that I’ll be alot happier to make them. Or just replace them with newer models. Writing this blog is a nice distraction from these problems… But they’re there lurking in the back of my mind. I just think in a year’s time I will have solved these current problems.

And probably be working a bunch of new ones.